Quarantined and bored? Tips to spend your quarantine in absolute sanity.

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I hope you all are safe & doing well. It’s sad to see the current pandemic situation our world is trapped into & there isn’t much we can do to attenuate but stay in. As much of the world adjust and tries to adapt a new lifestyle, here are few tips I would like to share to make your quarantine less boring. These tips have helped in keeping me productive and pretty sane.

  • Start your day early
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It’s important to keep a check on your routine and start off early, as it really helps in keeping you boosted and allows you time to plan out your day.

  • Find yourself a dedicated workspace(since we are all working from home)
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Even if you are working from home, do not get yourself trapped in your own inertness. Find an appropriate workspace which can help you keep your daily work in line. Don’t work from your bedroom or living room as each space has it’s importance

  • Get yourself dressed up
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If you look good, you feel good. This will help you in being pumped up. It’s not about that fancy party dress, you can pull yourself together even in your basic cool tee and pants. Brush your hair & put on your smile to keep your day positive and productive.

  • Do that damn workout
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Caught up with excuses of not going to gym,park or aerobics? You can workout at your home. Play good music and spend out sometime with yourself by doing physical activity. This will keep your mind fresh & healthy.

  • Catch up with your family/friends/relative
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You’ve been given the best time to rebond with your family or friends. Click awesome family pictures, eat together, play together or watch a movie. Make sure to connect with one person everyday or in a week to reminisce good times.

  • Play indoor games
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Games can really boost your enthusiasm and help you to keep your sanity. You can play ludo, playing cards, carrom, monopoly and a lot more.

  • Build your reading habit
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I have started reading books again and it has helped me to overcome my panic due to this lockdown. Read the book you’ve always wanted to but couldn’t due to workload.

  • Learn something new
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This is one thing which has kept me all excited each day as I add something new everyday on my to-do list. It makes you follow your schedule and helps you to manage your routine.

I am sure atleast one of the tips will help you pass through this pandemic. Hope this gets better soon. Till then stay indoors & take care.

With Lots of Love- Paridhi

Published by The Urban Chores

A caffeinated soul, always in search of coffee, ideas & creativity. She is a fashion enthusiast, an avid reader, loves dancing & swimming. You can check my Instagram(@paridhijain01) for my fashion & dance videos :D

4 thoughts on “Quarantined and bored? Tips to spend your quarantine in absolute sanity.

  1. Great tips for everyone to not only “get through” this pandemic but to make the most of it. Thanks also for the follow. Warm wishes to you and yours for staying safe and healthy!


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