Just Another Monday!

Hey Guys, What’s up? I cannot imagine the weekend just flew away like an arrow. I am sure you had a fun-filled weekend. Even if you didn’t it’s okay to rest for a while. Are you all set to start a new week with fervor & charm already? Yes, guys, it’s Monday again. But let’s not be sad, instead cherish the time that we made it to a new week.

Like always, I woke up early, smiling away all my worries about the previous week. I quickly did my diurnal activities like meditation, reading a chapter from my book, making coffee for myself & admiring nature. Sitting quietly & adoring nature has become my habit for a year now, it helps me to channelize my thoughts & prepare to-dos for the day.

Well, we have often heard about the Maniac Mondays & agree that Mondays usually start with high energy & we put in every effort to make the first day of the week a fabulous one.

For me, Mondays are usually accompanied by a hurried ride to office, meetings, quick calls for the week’s plan of action & a lot more. It has always been like that, the only difference now is that we are working from home. I am sure, by now we all have slowly adjusted to the work from home culture. Having a healthy & productive workspace is a necessity, so I have built up a small space where I sit and work for the whole day.

You know it’s important to have a productive Monday to keep you pumped up for the next 6 days. The fuel of productivity gets filled in you if utilized wisely.

The reason behind stressing on the word Productive Monday is simple. Mondays help in setting up your mind in a particular tone. If you make your Monday mindset right, you’ll see yourself how your whole week is all set & sorted.

Coming back to my Monday musings, for the second half of the Monday, I wrap up my work & relax a bit. I am a big fan of dance fitness session, which I love to take in the evening without fail. This rejuvenates my mind & sets my tone high on energy.

There’s one thing that has inspired me over the weeks. Do you want to know?It’s Pinterest. These days I am spending more time on Pinterest, it has helped me to create flat-lays,taught organizing skill & given so many thoughtful ideas. I can’t stop adoring the flat-lays created by bloggers, these reflect aesthetics & its so soothing to the eyes. This is one new thing I did on this Monday.

I usually add at least one new thing on mondays, because it makes me push myself even more for the rest of the days.

Let me know how you spent your Monday? What is that one thing which helps you to keep grinding without any negativity.

Have a great week!

Lots of Love- Paridhi

Published by The Urban Chores

A caffeinated soul, always in search of coffee, ideas & creativity. She is a fashion enthusiast, an avid reader, loves dancing & swimming. You can check my Instagram(@paridhijain01) for my fashion & dance videos :D

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