White Shirt Styling

How to style your basic white shirt in three different chic ways?

White shirt is a basic wardrobe necessity, hence can be found in every woman’s closet. Often heard people talking about having just one white shirt is a trouble when it comes to styling it. I have figured out three dominant ways of styling a white shirt. If you have a white shirt then wrap yourself up. I am here to write about making your white shirt a ubiquitous wearable.

Before moving on to the styling, I want you all to get acquainted to the three basic etiquette while buying a white shirt-

  • Always buy a size up when buying the white shirt(however, this applies to all the shirts)
  • Select the fabric that suits your body
  • Always sort the color choice in your mind, as white shirt comes in variant like basic white, off-white, smoke-white, etc.

It is important to buy the shirt that is comfortable & stylish for your body type. Let’s jump on to different ways of styling the shirt-

Style I

Wearing the shirt like a turtle neck top, as you can see in the picture below.

Style 1: Turtle Neck Top

This is the ultra-modern way of styling your basic white shirt. You can pair this with your favorite statement jewellery. I will mark it as a dapper wearable for parties.

Style II

Wearing the shirt as a peplum top. It’s always on the must haves list of every women.

Style II: Peplum Top

You can easily carry this style for your college, date night or even parties. I’d recommend you to add your gold charm neckpiece with this style.

Style III

Layering up works best when you want to create something interesting & stylish.

In the picture below- I have layered up my tank top to make it look trendy.

Style III: Layering up

Corsets or even broad statement belts looks great on white shirt making it look cooler. You can easily carry this look for a lunch or dinner with friends/family.

Ofcourse, there are many different ways of styling the shirt but I personally love styling in these three ways, as it makes me look bolder & confident. It is also so far the most comfortable way of styling the shirt.

If you are someone who doesn’t like styling it as an off-shoulder, you can definitely go with these three styles.

Let me know which style did you like the most?

FYI- Styling video coming soon on my instagram 🙂

Lots of Love- Paridhi

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A caffeinated soul, always in search of coffee, ideas & creativity. She is a fashion enthusiast, an avid reader, loves dancing & swimming. You can check my Instagram(@paridhijain01) for my fashion & dance videos :D

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