Ray of New Normalcy Amidst COVID19

Are we ready to adapt to the new normalcy arising in the middle of the fight for COVID19? Let’s face it, we can’t be in the lock-down forever. Our lives can’t be stalled at home for the upcoming months. We have to face the situation while keeping in mind the necessary action to protect oneself & society.

Lock-down 4.0 has extended till 31st May & gave relaxation in all zones(green, orange, red). Few of the important ones are as follows-

  • Wearing masks would be mandatory
  • Buses & local transport will be operational with restriction to the no.of people in it
  • Personalized vehicles can be seen on the road with the limit to the no.of people
  • Stand-alone shops will be opened for three days, might follow the odd-even logic in the big markets across cities following the timeline of the day i.e 11 am-6 pm
  • E-commerce has resumed its services in all the zones delivering both essential & non-essential goods
  • Offices & industries will resume their work with a limit to the employees

These are some of the important updates as per the lock-down 4.0 is concerned. Here, we can see a bigger view of the new normalcy that we all have to learn to live with.

#Add masks to your closet

www.smartglamouor.com has really great & affordable masks.

Since wearing masks has become a necessity in order to protect ourselves & society, adding masks to your closet will become a new normal going forward. All the industries have started manufacturing masks & sanitizers. Especially the fashion industry will not stay behind in catering to your fashion needs, they have come up with designer colorful masks for all your owned outfits.


This is the new initiative by our PM Narendra Modi to strengthen the local businesses considering the uplift of micro, small & medium scaled economy. This will give our country India, a new vision & rise to diversity. We all should be vocal about our local products as it will help us in reviving our beautiful tradition & will give us an edge in the competitive global market.

Instagram Handles of these beautiful talented people can be found below-

#What’s in your bag?

People have started moving out of their homes for work, or to take exams in schools & for other necessary work. It is important to keep a check on the things you carry in your bag. Following are the essentials you should keep in your bag before stepping out-

  • Sanitizers
  • Extra masks(to give if someone is in need)
  • Essential medication
  • Handkerchief
  • Avoid carrying cash & accepting cash from the vendors. Switch to digital payment mode to avoid direct contact with people

#Focus on Sustainability 

Our primary focus will now be towards a sustainable environment & to make India a sustainable country. I am sure, we all will work towards making fashion more sustainable by using the right fabric & reusing old clothes in a redesigned way. More focus on respecting our mother nature, making new strategies towards minimizing pollution & planting more trees. Corporates will look for a sustainable workplace, govt sectors are trying their best to implement the right source to use. This is how we will be walking towards a new normal & a new life.

#Our Responsibility

Looking & living through the COVID19 situation has definitely taught us a lot of things. We have become more focused on health & hygiene, more revered toward the elderly people, learned to spend time with family, & the most important thing is that we can all start again from zero with a new perspective towards a better India. It’s our responsibility to protect our mother nature, work for the well-being of our country & always protect one another.

Are you ready to walk towards a new life by adapting the new normal?Let me know your thoughts in the comment.

Lots of Love- Paridhi

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A caffeinated soul, always in search of coffee, ideas & creativity. She is a fashion enthusiast, an avid reader, loves dancing & swimming. You can check my Instagram(@paridhijain01) for my fashion & dance videos :D

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