About Me

Paridhi Jain

Hey! I’m Paridhi, 24 years old working as an affiliate marketeer and a budding fashion enthusiast.

Oops, sorry for the boring interview introduction.

Well, I am a caffeinated soul, always dreaming about more coffee. 😀

A digital addict spending half of my life on the internet learning, surfing, & improving my social media presence everyday.

I am a Josephite, went to a Convent School ‘St. Joseph’s Convent’ and I am glad about it. Once a Josephite,always a Josephite.

Okay, about my hobbies, I am a book junkie, a swimmer, loves dancing(you can find my dance posts on instagram :D), blogging on social media platforms, always loved writing blogs.

Writing blogs since 2016, & so happy to finally create the The Urban Chores on 29th April’20. Proud of myself that I finally did it.

This blog is my creative space where I try to put together my thoughts in a journal. Here, you’ll find me writing about the genres like Fashion & Lifestyle, Nature, and Life.

All the content posted here is my own personal thoughts. I feel happy writing content as it helps my thoughts to flow widely and help in keeping my sanity.

Thankyou so much for visiting my blog.

*Nature_Food_Photography was my previous account for photography and blogging.

You can write to me at paridhi0111@gmail.com

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