Is anxiety making its presence during COVID19?

What is anxiety? A lot of people mix sadness & being anxious as one. But that’s not the case. Let’s find out what is it exactly.

A feeling of complete fear, stress, restlessness, leading to mental health disruption. Other symptoms could be overeating or not eating at all, body pain especially in your ankles/feet. Mental health affects your physical health too, it’s unfortunate that many people are not aware of this.

Any one of us can be a victim but would never know. If you’re are someone who is going through symptoms like these, please talk to somebody or consult a psychologist. As the whole world is experiencing lockdown, the anxiety has started to make its way. The number of people feeling anxious has increased or increasing.

I have had a good long conversation with friends asking them about their mental health.

I could jot down the following points about their feelings:

1. Anxious about how their workday would be like.

2. Feeling pressurized about staying at home and not able to utilize their time correctly.

3. Negative thoughts about how their life would be after Quarantine

4. Lack of sleep/ developing Insomnia

The above thoughts are inevitable considering the current situation. So what should we do?

Here are a few things that can help you conquer your negative thoughts.

1. Meditation

This is an art that can help stabilize your mental health. If you practice meditation regularly for a good 20 minutes, you’ll start noticing changes in yourself.

How does Meditation work?

Meditation helps you to focus on one thought at a time while denoising other thoughts in your head.

This can be done in various ways:

-by chanting the powerful word ‘OMmmm’

-through the technique of visualization guided by a voice

-usage of imagery as a metaphor to help relieve stress

– focussing on body scanning using metaphors

2. Yoga Sessions

Practicing yoga can help stimulate your breathing, relaxes your muscles reducing tension, stress and smoothens the body.

How does Yoga session work?

Yoga improves your immunity, helps you control your thoughts and focus on breathing. This helps in tackling your anxiety. In times like these it’s important to focus on immunity. I would highly recommend you to bring yoga in your daily routine.

3. Read Self-help Books

Reading helps you enter into a different world & allows you to escape reality for a little while.

There are various benefits like :

– helps in reducing stress

– relaxes brain to see a different perspective other than reality

– maintain consistency in reading can work faster than other activities

4.Listening to Music

Music is powerful and can help you in relaxing your mind. It helps to connect your mind and soul reducing tension and stress.

5.Making your own creative space

Try to make a creative space for yourself at your home, it can be your balcony, your room, your reading room, or anywhere you feel comfortable.For me, I have created a wall decorated with all the positive vibes and colors. The intent is to be around things that make you happy & ease at the place. This works, I can tell you from my own experience.

6. Beware of the fake news

There are a lot of platforms spreading fake news amongst the public increasing panic. Choose social platforms wisely, while it’s a good platform for entertainment & engagement, it can be a negative platform too.

In times of distress, avoid staying alone or coping with the problems all on your own.

The whole world is in this together & we together can minimize the number of cases which are continuously rising. Have faith in yourself, don’t lose self-control. Till then, take good care of yourself, eat healthy, enjoy your time with family.

With Lots of Love- Paridhi

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