1 top- 5 ways of styling it

Pull out a solid basic top from your closet & get started to level up your fashion sense. The red top that I am wearing in this style was a forced decision by my school for the drill. I have been experimenting a lot these days but only to discover the trendy ways to styleContinue reading “1 top- 5 ways of styling it”

Ray of New Normalcy Amidst COVID19

Are we ready to adapt to the new normalcy arising in the middle of the fight for COVID19? Let’s face it, we can’t be in the lock-down forever. Our lives can’t be stalled at home for the upcoming months. We have to face the situation while keeping in mind the necessary action to protect oneselfContinue reading “Ray of New Normalcy Amidst COVID19”

White Shirt Styling

How to style your basic white shirt in three different chic ways? White shirt is a basic wardrobe necessity, hence can be found in every woman’s closet. Often heard people talking about having just one white shirt is a trouble when it comes to styling it. I have figured out three dominant ways of stylingContinue reading “White Shirt Styling”

Just Another Monday!

Hey Guys, What’s up? I cannot imagine the weekend just flew away like an arrow. I am sure you had a fun-filled weekend. Even if you didn’t it’s okay to rest for a while. Are you all set to start a new week with fervor & charm already? Yes, guys, it’s Monday again. But let’sContinue reading “Just Another Monday!”

Ideas to design your creative space

We are members of the creative era. Here, in this era internet has become our all-time source to gain insights on anything we want to check while we are sitting at home. Therefore, we must focus on how we design the space that can keep us jovial and cozy. Here are a few ideas forContinue reading “Ideas to design your creative space”

Is anxiety making its presence during COVID19?

What is anxiety? A lot of people mix sadness & being anxious as one. But that’s not the case. Let’s find out what is it exactly. A feeling of complete fear, stress, restlessness, leading to mental health disruption. Other symptoms could be overeating or not eating at all, body pain especially in your ankles/feet. MentalContinue reading “Is anxiety making its presence during COVID19?”

Recommendations to Binge Watch during Quarantine!!

The fact that you are reading this means you have already watched your favorite series nth times. Fret not, like everyone else I am also trying to figure out what next interesting thing I can watch to keep myself occupied. Here’s a list of recommendations of my favorite series/ movies you can binge watch toContinue reading “Recommendations to Binge Watch during Quarantine!!”

Quarantined and bored? Tips to spend your quarantine in absolute sanity.

I hope you all are safe & doing well. It’s sad to see the current pandemic situation our world is trapped into & there isn’t much we can do to attenuate but stay in. As much of the world adjust and tries to adapt a new lifestyle, here are few tips I would like toContinue reading “Quarantined and bored? Tips to spend your quarantine in absolute sanity.”