Monday Mood

Hey guys,Let’s take a step towards a stronger self-care week. Start the week with a gleaming eyes to conquer the negativities from the past &walk into the new week with all the more power & strength. Don’t forget to smile & dress up, it’s your game, you’ll win it.✨ Happy Monday & a great weekContinue reading “Monday Mood”

Self-Care June

Hey guys, I am back with some amazing self-care ideas for you which doesn’t require you to put in much effort. Self-care is an art which we often forget is important to practice. With so much going around in the world, Covid-19, Cyclones, Earthquakes in parts of the world, Animal abuse, Racism, and so muchContinue reading “Self-Care June”

White Shirt Styling

How to style your basic white shirt in three different chic ways? White shirt is a basic wardrobe necessity, hence can be found in every woman’s closet. Often heard people talking about having just one white shirt is a trouble when it comes to styling it. I have figured out three dominant ways of stylingContinue reading “White Shirt Styling”


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