Recommendations to Binge Watch during Quarantine!!

Well, that’s me watching friends xD

The fact that you are reading this means you have already watched your favorite series nth times. Fret not, like everyone else I am also trying to figure out what next interesting thing I can watch to keep myself occupied. Here’s a list of recommendations of my favorite series/ movies you can binge watch to beat the lockdown blues.

Also, I hope you all are keeping good care of yourself. The situation is intense at the moment but this too shall pass.


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  • Marriage Story(Emotional Drama)

The story revolves around a couple who are going through a coast to coast divorce.

  • The Parasite(Thriller Comedy)

It’s a South Korean, comic thriller which revolves around a poor family who plays a scheme to become employed by a rich family.

  • Searching(Mystery Thriller)

This is a movie which has a different kind of recording, it has been recorded using camcorder. The plot is about finding David’s missing daughter. Must watch.

  • Set It Up(Romatic Comedy)

This is about two hardworking assistants who try to set up their bosses on date so that they get some time for themselves.

  • Before Sunrise(Romantic Drama)

It’s a really cute modern love story, if you are someone who loves romantic drama, this is a must watch.

  • Bird Box(Psychological Drama)

The plot is about a force which decimates people if they see it. It’s a journey of a woman and her kids searching for new hope and beginning.

  • Guilty(Criminal Drama)

The story revolves around sexual assault while spreading a strong message to the society.

  • Lost Girls(Criminal Drama)

The plot is all about a woman who is in desperate search of her daughter starts her own investigation which leads to police to solve the case.

  • Maska(Romantic Comedy)

It’s a story of a young man who wants to become an actor but changes his plan to carry on his family business.

  • The Princess Switch(Romantic Comedy)

An exciting story of twins, one being a princess and other an ordinary women who switches places a week before Christmas.


  • Money Heist(Suspense)

A malefactor hires a team to do the biggest robbery recorded in a history. FYI,season 4 is out already.

  • The Stranger Things(Horror)

A horror-web drama which revolves around a dangerous monster. It has several parts, if you are someone who loves horror-drama, then it’s a must watch.

  • You(Dark Suspense)

It’s a story of a male bookstore manager who fell in love with an aspiring writer. It’s about his journey to get close to the aspiring female writer. Go watch it to know What would you/he do for love?

  • Jamtara(Suspense)

Interested in watching how a group of young men does a phishing operation ? Head to netflix now to watch it. Sshhh it’s all about suspense!

  • Brooklyn Nine-Nine(Comedy)

Commanding officer and his intellectual team sets forth to solve the crime happening in Brooklyn. It’s a fun series.

  • Gilmore Girls(Romantic)

A story about a young independent woman and her daughter. This series is all about romanticism, heartbreaks, learning some good lessons and relationship of mother & daughter.

  • The Big Bang Theory(Comedy)

If you are a science enthusiast and want a spice of comedy, then you must watch this series.

  • Friends–Ofcourse, I can watch this ‘n’ number of times(Comedy)

Story of 6 friends whose lives are full of adventures and troubles, but they are like a family. It’s fun to watch, you can watch it like ‘n’ no. of times without getting bored.


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  • Panchayat(Comedy Thriller)

This is a story of an engineering graduate who become a secretary of Panchayat office and get stuck between villagers and his family. Won’t tell you more. Go watch it now.

  • The Family Man(Action Drama)

A series full of spy thriller with a comic touch makingit a full entertainment source for audience. It’s about a middle class man who acts as a spy.

  • The Office(Comedy Drama)

It’s about office workers who goes through funny adventures and makes it humorous for the audience. At first you might not catch up with this series, but trust me it’s an amazing series.

  • Forgotten Army(Patriotic)

It’s a journey of lieutenant and his army who fought for Indian National Army during World War II.

  • Man With a Plan(Comedy Drama)

If you love Joey(from friends), then you’ve got to watch this hilarious series whose lead role is played by Matt LeBlanc(your joey).

Go catch up on all the series/movies you couldn’t watch because of excess workload & hectic schedule to refresh yourself. Meanwhile, don’t forget to keep a check on your hygiene. Trust me, you can skim out the best time for yourself from this on-going situation.

Leave a comment if you watch any of these sitcoms or movies. Feel free to add add more suggestions in the comments below.

Lots of love- Paridhi

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