To treat yourself is to heal yourself!

(Thoughts conveyed in simple words. No vocabulary floods)

We all are busy living our lives just for the sake of living. I am sure once in a while we all get these random thoughts while riding the cycle of our lives,that”What am I doing with my life? Am I supposed to live my life like this? Am I going on the right sparkling path of life? Or am I just riding the cycle just because the road ahead seems to be clear. Is this me? What do I expect from life? Do I need to keep moving just because that’s how we are meant to practically live our lives?”
Well, the truth is we all experience the unexpected phase of life. We all get stuck at some point in our lives and we have no idea how to escape the struggle. The bitter truth is we cannot escape the struggle. But, yes we can ease the road we are travelling by changing our mindset. We can start the new way by bringing the change withing us. We need to push ourselves to the things that we want in life. The dreams, The desires,The great goals that we all have, we need to execute the plan of life properly to achieve this.

Start by sitting with yourself once in a while. Talk to yourself because this is the best therapy that we all need sometimes. Make a coffee for yourself, Read good inspirational books. Treat yourself better. Go out and eat alone. Play with kids and feel the kid inside you alive. Trust me you will have the best time of your life. Give yourself a chance to make the best out of you. It’s not about being impulsive but it’s about putting yourself before everything else. It’s about giving yourself a priority sometimes. While doing these things you will notice how well you are able to cope up with the struggles. Do yourself a favour and keep the esctatic feeling alive. You will eventually feel that you have already stepped up towards the healing process.

I am actually writing this because I have been doing all these things lately and I actually feel Freshen up already. Talk to yourself. Figure out things. Do more of what makes you happy. Give yourself a Break from your Life and focus on things that keeps you happy and motivated.
Trust me,to treat yourself better is the best therapy to heal yourself.

So love yourself.

Don’t be top hard on yourself.

Note to self:

*Loving yourself should not be your goal it should be your habit*

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