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An Initiative by IamGurgaon along with Municipal Corporation of Gurgaon & ArtPilgrim Live.

My Random Exploration to the Serious Self Awareness has hit me hard this week.
I was passing by the Eco Restoration Wazirabad Bundh Park, Gurgaon,and decided to explore it. Often heard of the beauty of this park with lush greenery all around. A well maintained park gives you charismatic vibes as the birds keep chirping singing their happiest verse, peacock posing and flaunting it’s beautiful feathers.

As I was exploring, my eyes caught a heap of garbage at the farther end of the park. I went ahead to get a closer look, and It surprised me as it was not a landfill but an art installation of plastic waste initiated by Arun Kumar HG. This campaign was started to create awareness about the rise in plastic waste generated by us on a daily basis.Creativity knows no end proved quite well by the volunteers of this campaign.

Toxic Chamber by Arunkumar HG

This toxic chamber is an eye opener for all of us to realize the amount of waste we have generated by being irresponsible in our day-to-day life. We say ‘It’s only a straw/plastic bottle’ and we throw it anywhere, similarly we can imagine millions of people saying the same thing everyday and increasing the waste generation. Arunkumar says, this chamber can make people ‘feel the waste’, and allow people to analyse and experience the waste they have generated can help in enticing the awareness.

The Frame by Pawan Vishwakarma

He wishes to enlighten the problem of mixed waste loitering around. This frame made out of garbage symbolically represents Us as the Waste Generators. The artist hopes that we look at ourselves in the frame and become aware of the problem.

Steal The Treasure Of Nature by Ramkumar Kannadasn

He has displayed his incredible imagination by creating ‘The hand of Plastic’ right in front of the tree, clearly giving us an indication of what the plastic waste is doing to our mother nature. When trees are grown on landfills, around 20% of them survive as the plastic waste prevents the spreading of their roots and growth. He gives us the powerful message of what we are doing to our mother earth.

Corporate Please by Birender Yadav

While we are busy in making our career, we are becoming ignorant of the harm we are doing to the greenery around us. This particular material shown in the picture above is used in corporate buildings and cannot be recycled. You can often see this dumped heaps on the side roads of Gurgaon. This Corporate Pyramid Structure has been created using the non-recyclable materials generated from corporate buildings.

Role we can play

It’s high time, we should understand the urgency of reducing the waste generation which is increasing day by day.
Here’s what we can start with-
1. Give up plastic bags in your day-to-day life
2.Skip Straws
3. Stop using Plastic Bottles
4.Recycle what you can
5.Stop littering

We can take small initiatives in our daily lives by playing a major role in going green and saving the beauty of our mother earth. Every initiative taken counts!

PS: Lot of companies have started taking initiative where one of them is McDonald, they have stopped using plastic straws and spoons in coffees and ice creams. Give them a big cheer for this initiative.

A big thanks to IamGurgaon,Municipal Corporation of Gurgaon & to the creative volunteers. You people are doing a fabulous job in creating awareness.

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